Defective Products

Defective product lawsuits in Miami can be lengthy and intricate due to the considerable amount of research necessary to determine which supplier produced the product in question. This area of law requires experience as well as a thoughtful, methodical approach to each case.

Product liability lawsuits are filed across the country daily regarding products such as vehicle defects with faulty components like seat belt restraints and rollovers as well as other forms of potentially faulty household products such as toys, appliances, equipment and more. By Florida law, if the product is unreasonably dangerous, the manufacturer or even the retailer may be held liable.

Plaintiffs are required to prove several elements of a negligence claim to succeed in a Florida product liability case. They must be able to prove that an injury or monetary loss happened as a result of the product and they also need to prove that the product was designed or manufactured defectively. They also need to prove that the manufacturer was aware of the risk and did not inform the consumer. The plaintiffs must prove that the defect reasonably caused the injury and that the product was used as intended or used or in a manner that could be expected to be used by a reasonable person.

Manufacturers frequently fail to test their products properly, or they may reduce costs by cutting corners. These manufacturers have a legal responsibility for customers, though, and should be held liable for product liability resulting in medical bills, lost income, physical and emotional pain, rehabilitation and more. Furthermore, manufacturers often have valid reasons to keep silent about a flaw. Product recalls and product liability litigation may lead to millions lost by businesses and it could destroy their brand identity. Thankfully, the threat of litigation and legal actions ensures that companies are responsible for the quality of their products.

Since product liability and faulty product lawsuits for manufacturers can become very costly, they will do everything in their power to stop them before they become a major issue. One of the key arguments they can use is that the plaintiff did not properly recognize the appropriate manufacturer behind the product that injured them. If you or a loved one have been hurt, you can be certain that the producer of the product will have a legal team representing their best interests.

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