Fort Lauderdale DUI Penalties

The possibility of Fort Lauderdale DUI penalties is a major issue for people charged with DUI in Fort Lauderdale. Florida’s mandated sentence standards for those convicted of DUI means that judges in the state have no discretion to treat first-time DUI offenders leniently. In addition to the fact that DUI convictions in Florida cannot be sealed or wiped from your record, all DUI offenders risk harsh penalties if convicted. The final phase in the Fort Lauderdale DUI Process is usually sentencing, and those sentenced in Fort Lauderdale can expect to face the following penalties.

First Time DUI Offenders in Fort Lauderdale

The following penalties apply to DUI cases that do not have any aggravating elements. Additional penalties would apply to persons facing heightened allegations, such as DUI refusal or DUI under the age of 21.

First-time DUI offenders in Fort Lauderdale may face a jail sentence of up to six months in a Broward County jail facility. A base fine and penalty assessments will be assessed by the sentencing judge. A first DUI imposes a maximum base fine of $1000; however, the assessments added to the fine greatly increase the total cost.

In addition to any administrative suspension given by the DMV, Fort Lauderdale DUI penalties will result in a driver’s license suspension. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the DUI, the suspension period could be up to a year. The city of Fort Lauderdale is a participant in the Broward County DMV IID program, which means that an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) would be required for up to six months. A mandatory DUI class of twelve hours will also be imposed. If the course is not completed within 90 days after reinstatement, the convicted persons driver’s license will be suspended until it is completed.

Most first-time DUI offenders in Fort Lauderdale are sentenced up to one year on probation. As long as those on probation complete everything the judge ordered during the term of their probation, they can complete it successfully and have no future obligations. If the terms are not completed or if the person on probation is accused of another crime, the probation is violated. When a probation is violated, the offender will face an additional criminal charge that will have to be defended in court.

Second Time DUI Offenders

Fort Lauderdale DUI Penalties are more severe for someone who has had one prior DUI conviction within the last five years. A second DUI conviction will result in a minimum of ten days in jail and a maximum of one year in jail. A longer DUI course that focuses on the effects of alcoholism on one’s health as well as how to deal with problem drinking or drug use would be required.

A second DUI within five years of the first DUI conviction also results in a minimum license suspension of five years. A second DUI after five years of the first conviction results in a maximum suspension of one year. The court will impose an IID requirement regardless of any DMV action. In Fort Lauderdale, the fines for a second DUI conviction are also harsher.

Third Time DUI Offenders

Those who have had two prior DUI offenses may be punished to a jail term of thirty days to one year. Additional Fort Lauderdale DUI penalties include IID installation, advanced DUI school, and six months to ten years of license suspension depending on when the third DUI offense occurred. All fines and fees increase dramatically.

Fourth Time DUI Offenders

A fourth DUI conviction can be charged as a felony, punishable by up to five years in prison, up to five years of probation, a $2,000 fine, and the loss of driving privileges for life. Additional Fort Lauderdale DUI penalties for a fourth DUI include a mandatory DUI Substance Abuse Course, IID installation for at least six months, and impoundment of all vehicles owned by the driver.

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