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Published Works

Is John Hinckley Jr’s Release Insane?

Why Zimmerman Had To Be Found “Not Guilty”

The Florida Bar Journal- Rule 806

The Miami Herald- Big Brothers / Big Sisters

The Miami Herald- Allen Iverson plea

Published in The Dade County Bar Bulletin, appearing in The Daily Business Review, as well as other periodicals:

"Can You Legally Audio Record Police During A Stop?"

“Immunity Doesn’t Make You Immune”

“Marital Privilege, When Husband & Wife Commit Crimes”

“What You Should Know About DUI Law: Breath, Blood and Urine”

"How Low Can You Go In Federal Court?" Downward Departures In Sentencing"

"Surprising Changes To Sentencing Laws"

"Miranda v. Arizona...The Story Behind The Opinion"

"Everything You Need To Know About Sealing and Expunging"

"Free Speech, What Can I Say?"

"Supreme Court Shocks With Blakely Decision"

"The DUI Nightmare"

"The Patriot Act's Impact on Civil Liberties"

"The Right To Confrontation After Crawford"

"Vacating Criminal Convictions"

"What To Do When Law Enforcement Wants An Interview"

"When Clients Lie...What Must You Do?"

"Bail and Jail, What You Need to Know"

"Frequently Asked Criminal Law Questions- Part I"

"Frequently Asked Criminal Law Questions- Part II"

"Constructive Possession? But I Swear I Didn’t Know It Was There!!!”

“Self-Defense- When can you use force against another?”

“What Prosecutors Can’t Say”

“What You Should Know About Grand Juries”

“When Uncharged Crimes Are Admissible”

“Got a Subpoena. Someone get me out of this!”

“Stand Your Ground”

“Facing Deportation, After The Green Decision”

“Exigent Circumstances, When Can Cops Enter”