Sex Crimes

A charge consisting of any type of sex crime is a serious matter and the accused should immediately seek the counsel of a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney. We understand that individuals are innocent until proven guilty and provide a non-judgmental legal defense of such individuals. Our Miami Criminal Attorneys are equipped with the skills required to defend individuals from all manner of sex crime charges, and are committed to seeking lighter sentencing for those convicted.

At the Law Offices of Mark Eiglarsh we have criminal defense lawyers who are prepared to deal with any nature of a sex crime charge. We are here to provide a legal advocate for anyone charged with the following sex crimes: Child Abuse, Child Enticement, Child Exploitation, Child Molestation, Child Pornography, Date Rape, Exploitation of Minors, Indecent Exposure, Lewd Conduct, Pandering, Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Imposition, Sodomy, Solicitation of Prostitution, Statutory Rape, Child Procurement, Failure to Register, Internet Pornography Crimes, Prostitution, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Battery.

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Our Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers recognize the intense social stigma that accompanies charges of a sexual nature and understand the importance of providing a fair legal defense. In the mind of the general public there is little room for sympathy or leniency to be extended to those charged with sex crimes. It is extremely important therefore, that individuals charged with such crimes immediately seek legal counsel from a Miami Criminal Attorney who is capable of ensuring them fair treatment under the law.

An Experienced Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Can Be at Your Side All the Way!

We will aggressively defend you throughout all stages of the criminal process. We conduct thorough investigations of your case even before it gets to “pre-trial” stages. We are there through:

  • Arraignment
  • All pre
  • Trial Motions and Hearings
  • Trial, and
  • Sentencing

In criminal cases where conviction appears imminent, our promise to you is that our criminal defense attorneys will work aggressively to create plea bargains or find grounds for dismissal. We will not rest until we find some means of mitigating, lowering, or dismissing the charges against you.

Client Reviews
"Mark's assisted me on 3 separate instances with exceptional results. He treated me with respect and counseled me without judgment. He answered all my questions and removed any doubt during the lengthy legal process. Mark's courts skills and legal expertise places him amongst the top in his profession." D.A.
"I chose Mark Eiglarsh to serve as my Miami criminal defense lawyer during my DUI trial last month. He was great. We actually never had to go to trial because he worked out a bargain that was very nice." H.G.
"Mark Eiglarsh was a great help with my recent case, and I am very glad that he was recommended to me in Miami. He knew exactly what to do as soon as I was charged, and I was eventually released after he had the charges against me dropped. Amazing job, overall." J.G.