Tax Fraud

Tax fraud in Miami is typically classified as a white collar crime and is reviewed by the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS"). A specialist investigation agency called the Criminal Investigative Division is available to the IRS ("CID"). The CID is accountable for the battle against tax fraud and the team is comprised of professionals with hefty financial and accounting experience.

Individual taxpayers, financial companies, corporations, accounting firms, and other organizations may commit tax fraud. Individuals or associations accused in federal court of tax evasion are subject to several years of imprisonment as well as heavy monetary fines. The CID conducts a meticulous investigation into the charges when it receives details about a tax evasion case. They will present the case before federal attorneys assigned to the United States Department of Justice Tax Division until the investigation is concluded. A detailed analysis of the records collected by the CID will be carried out by prosecutors to figure out whether or not there is ample proof to prosecute a person or party for tax evasion. Should the Tax Division accept the lawsuit, the case will be referred from where the claims originated for the investigation to a nearby United States Attorney.

Failure to pay income taxes is a criminal crime that if an individual is convicted, will lead to significant fines and jail time. The fines are situational and depend on the number of years the person has allegedly refused to pay taxes and the amount of taxes owed to the federal government.

In any event, should a person fail to pay the lawful sum of the tax to the proper government entity, they may be charged with tax evasion in Florida.

Tax offenses differ, and they may include::

  • Evading taxes
  • Filing a fake return on tax
  • Willful refusal to collect or pay the payroll withholding tax from workers
  • Failing to pay tax on state purchases

It is vital to remember that there is a distinction between tax evasion and tax avoidance. Tax avoidance is the legal reduction by persons and corporations of tax obligations using means permitted by state and federal tax officials, such as the collection of valid tax deductions and credits.

Conversely, tax evasion requires willful asset misrepresentation in an attempt to prevent paying taxes.

To make future sentences more serious, state and federal authorities will often add white collar charges, such as money laundering or wire fraud. When used against a particular defendant who faces possible fines, imprisonment, and other harsh effects, this acts as an effective tool.

The penalties for tax violations can be much more serious at the federal level. For federal tax offenses, civil and criminal sanctions apply. In a tax fraud, the IRS will criminally impose jail terms and fines on each offense. Furthermore, the federal government may also decide to file a lawsuit for extra cash damages in civil court.

If you or someone you know is facing any criminal charges relating to the commission of Tax Fraud, please do not hesitate to contact our firm. It's imperative that you not try to handle the investigation yourself. If you're accused of failing to report all income and assets; failing to report any foreign bank accounts; failing to file tax returns and/or overstating or understating deductions, we can assist you. We have been successful in helping prior clients avoid indictments all together or getting the charges reduced. Call the Law Offices of Mark Eiglarsh as soon as possible. We can provide you with zealous and aggressive representation that you need to effectively defend your tax fraud case.

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