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How will you decide who is the best criminal defense attorney for your case? When hiring a criminal attorney, it's always best to first conduct thorough research. In Florida, there are hundreds of defense attorneys who are eager to take your hard earned money to handle your case. Unfortunately, not every attorney is as qualified as they should be. At the Law Offices of Mark Eiglarsh, we have been zealously and aggressively representing clients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and surrounding cities, for over two decades. We give each client personalized attention and strive to obtain the best possible outcomes under challenging circumstances. We are extremely grateful and appreciative of every one of our former clients who has taken the time to share their experience with others who also may find them themselves needing a top notched aggressive and experienced litigator to fight for their rights. Please take a few moments to read through some of the client testimonials listed below. What our clients have to say about us speaks volumes for the positive outcomes we've been able to obtain for them.  

 The Law Offices of Mark Eiglarsh are simply the best. Top-notch service and world class legal advice. Mark is the best criminal defense attorney around, hands down."


"Mark's assisted me on 3 separate instances with exceptional results. He treated me with respect and counseled me without judgment. He answered all my questions and removed any doubt during the lengthy legal process. Mark's courts skills and legal expertise places him amongst the top in his profession."


"In 2011 I had a serious criminal legal issue.  I had never experience anything like it in my life and was very scared.  Once I hired Mark Eiglarsh I had a sense of calm knowing that I was in the most capable hands.  He persevered going to court with me almost every month for over a year.  He did everything he could and thought outside of the box to bring about the best possible outcome knowing that the punishment did not fit the the crime.  He did not give up at the most difficult times.  Mark is a brilliant lawyer who will go 200% to get the desired results.  Throughout my experience with Mark I have come to know that he is a caring individual with a big heart."

-Dr. E.D. 

  "Oh my God what can I say about you guys? When my daughter had a problem I contacted Mark right away.  Yani answered the phone. I explained to her my situation. She had an infinite amount of patience with me. She listened like I was their ONLY client. It did not matter if it was late or early. She would pick up the phone and talk to me.  Mark, he could be my LAW IDOL (not that I want to hire him ever again!!) but if I ever see myself in any bad situation I would not have to think twice on whom to call.  He was the most attentive, caring, professional, persistent  and knowledgeable person I have ever met.  My case ruled in my favor and I know for a fact that it was because of Mark.   Sometimes when I am driving I thank God for him.  True story.  Thank you again to both of you."  


"I needed Mark's help a couple of months ago and he is great at his job. He really knows the laws and helps every client that hires him"


"I chose Mark Eiglarsh to serve as my Miami criminal defense lawyer during my DUI trial last month. He was great. We actually never had to go to trial because he worked out a bargain that was very nice."


"Mark Eiglarsh was a great help with my recent case, and I am very glad that he was recommended to me in Miami. He knew exactly what to do as soon as I was charged, and I was eventually released after he had the charges against me dropped. Amazing  job, overall."


"Mark served as my Miami criminal lawyer last spring, and I don’t think I could have found any better representation. He knew where to start from the minute that he started looking at my case, and he was able to ease my fears of going to court with his confidence and professionalism."


"A+ representation all around. He was able to get all of my charges completely dismissed. I will definitely be recommending this lawyer to any friends that get in trouble with a DUI."


"I had never gotten into trouble with the law before and suddenly I had a court date to worry about. I called an attorney from the law firm of Mark Eiglarsh and he immediately put me at ease. He researched all the best possible options for me and prepared a game-plan that made me feel like I was in control."


"After a stupid mistake I ended up behind bars. I was feeling pretty scared and alone as I’d never been in so much trouble and didn’t know where to turn. The law firm of Mark Eiglarsh understood what I was going through and offered me just as much support as legal advice, making me feel so much more relaxed."


"I would hire this guy to represent me again in a heartbeat. It was clear that he had a lot of experience working with DUI charges, and he was VERY good at it. By the end I was looking at dramatically reduced charges, and no threat of losing my license."


"Being falsely accused of a white-collar crime is absolutely terrifying. Suddenly none of my friends would talk to me and my entire future was in flux. I didn’t want to go down without a fight so I called the law offices of Mark Eiglarsh. I was facing jail time but they were able to wrangle the sentence down to community service."


"Everyone at the Law Offices of Mark Eiglarsh treated me like family, I never felt like I was just a client. I felt free to call the office with any questions and they alleviated all of my concerns. At such a difficult point in my life, I needed that support and assurance that they would fight for me and do everything in their power to help me. No judgment, just solutions."  


"I never thought my drug habit was hurting anyone until I got busted for drug possession in the Miami area. My family was angry and I was facing jail time, so I was both lonely and scared. The guys at Mark Eiglarsh’s firm came through for me and were able to talk the judge into a plea bargain that kept me out of prison."


I have watched Mark Eiglarsh as a commentator on HLN with Dr.Drew. He is an articulate, savvy communicator on legal issues and also offers insightful opinions on the issues presented! If I lived in Miami and ever needed a defense attorney, the Law Offices of Mark Eiglarsh would be my first choice! Plus I admire his personal life and the proud way he exposes certain aspects of his day to day events!